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Crestwood Civic Club planted trees in the Westcott esplanades, from Camellia to Glenwood, in April 2008.  The Civic Club contracted with Trees for Houston for the tree planting and watering.  Click here to see BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

*** Edward & Blanca Borras, our new neighbors on West Cowan, have generously MATCHED all donations made to support this project. ***

  • Edward & Blanca Borras, West Cowan
  • John & Lindy Rydman, Crestwood
  • Gerard Trione, East Cowan
  • Cathy Schnaubelt & Priscilla McLeroy, West Cowan
  • Ellen & Jacques Lapointe, Blossom
  • J.B. Dollison, Feagan
  • Rebecca Marvil & Brian Smyth, West Cowan
  • Lisa & Stan Duchman, Glen Cove
  • Robert Hamlin, Terrace
  • Mark Turrentine & Mildred Ramirez, Crestwood
  • Dave & Jody Bucci, East Cowan
  • Jeff & Lori Londa, West Cowan
  • Joyce Steensrud, West Cowan
  • Mark & Cynthia Mendenhall, West Cowan
  • C.M. & Susan Garver, Crestwood
  • Marion Bell, Terrace