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Automated household garbage is picked up every Monday, except holidays.  Residents should use the 96-gallon black cart.  Yard trimmings must be placed in compostable bags, and not in the black cart.

Our neighborhood receives curbside recycling services from the City of Houston.  Automated recycling is picked up every other Monday, except holidays.  Residents are asked to use the 96-gallon green cart provided by the City for all recycling materials.  For more information on garbage pickup, call 311 or go to the City's trash website page.

Carts should be placed curb side with the wheels against the curb no earlier than 6:00PM Sunday and no later than 7:00AM on Monday.  Empty carts should be removed from the street by 10:00PM on Monday.  Carts should be spaced about 3 feet apart to facilitate automated pickup by the collection truck.  Truck drivers will not relocate carts away from obstructions.

The City of Houston provides heavy trash and tree waste pickup services the first Wednesday of every other month starting in January, except holidays.  Tree waste collection occurs every other month starting in January, and heavy trash collection occurs every other month starting in February.  Tree waste is limited to 8 cubic yards, and heavy trash items include furniture and appliances that are too large or heavy for residential collection crews.  For more information see the City web site: Heavy Trash  Organizations exist that can find a new home for working appliances and electronic devices that you may no longer need: RecyclingAlternatives

Beware:  Putting items out before the Friday before the collection day is a violation of a City of Houston ordinance and may result in a $50-200 citation against the homeowner. Please see the following link for Monday-A schedule and list of acceptable items: Recycling

Please contact our Recycling Chairperson, Rebecca Marvil at recycling@crestwoodglencove.org with questions or suggestions.