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Per the deed restrictions and by-laws, residents in the five subdivisions that make up Crestwood / Glen Cove (Crestwood, Crestwood Acres, Glen Cove I, Glen Cove II and Glen Cove III) are eligible for membership in the Crestwood Civic Club.  Voluntary dues of $60 per year ($20 for senior citizens)  are used for tree plantings, monuments, speed cushions and other traffic safety initiatives, community gatherings, and political forums, as well as ongoing business such as the website, semi-annual newsletter, and more.

Invoice handouts are distributed in the summer of each year, requesting dues be paid by check.  We are working to make online payments available soon.

Dues-paying residents receive a copy of the neighborhood directory.

Residents that wish to updated their contact and directory information may do so by downloading this Resident Information Form: ResidentInformationForm.

Changes may be emailed to the Club Treasurer at: Treasurer@CrestwoodGlenCove.org, or mailed to the club at the post office box address below.

Please make your check payable to: Crestwood Civic Club

Mail to the club post office box:
   Crestwood Civic Club
   P.O. Box 131594
   Houston, Texas  77219-1594

Please include the reverse page of the dues letter to confirm your payment.  The information on this payment stub is what will appear in the neighborhood directory, so please make any necessary changes to this form, or email the Club Treasurer at: Treasurer@CrestwoodGlenCove.org

Thank you for supporting the Civic Club!